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Directed by Steve Anderson. With Drew Carey, Billy Connolly, Bill Maher, Reinhold Aman. A documentary on the expletive’s origin, why it offends some people so deeply

Some of moviedom’s best quotes! Enjoy them, but please don’t steal or repost them!:-P (Rated R!) Havin’ a problem printing this? Go to File/Page Setup and choose

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fuck you quotes,fuck you, keyword, keywords We gotta come to some new ideas about life folks ok? I’m not being blase about abortion, it might be a real issue, it

Lyndon B. Johnson, then-President of the United States Dean Rusk, then-Secretary of State

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Famous, infamous and little known quotes about Marines and the Marine Corps in many wars, battles and situations

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Funny men/women bashing quotes such as: ‘When a man says it’s a silly, ish game, it’s probably something his wife can beat him at’. (May be offensive to tight-asses)

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A huge list of the most interesting quotes taken from numerous Eminem’s statements and comments.

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The Big Lebowski is a 1998 film about an amiable unemployed slacker, The Dude, and his close friends, all fond of their nights at the local bowling alley, who are

Sarcastic Quotes and Sayings: Mirrors can’t talk, lucky for you they can’t laugh either. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright

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