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Frustrated with Charter® Communications service? Seem to be banging your head against a desk when talking to Customer Service? Join over 4,484 people in a public

Learn how to shave your balls the right way! Thanks to this official ball shaving guide, you will now learn the best way to shave balls using a few methods. is now 100% tablet and mobile friendly! Video Rankings. Top rated; Most viewed; Longest; Most favored; Channels. Anal 6,158; Asian 3,348

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Perfectly Hairy. Gosh, can somebody affirm that he is the hottest guy I’ve ever featured? Because I really think he is! Look at that – he’s a cross between hot

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Countless numbers of paying customers have experienced great frustration at Cablevision. While no company is perfect, c’mon. There’s just got to be a better way to

10 Reasons Why Living In The UK Sucks (and why I can’t wait to leave)

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Santino is a hot, handsome straight dude of Italian and Lebanese descent. It’s not entirely certain if he inherited his big cock and big balls from his Italian or

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These No-Bake Almond Joy Energy Balls are inspired by the ever popular Almond Joy chocolate bar but without all the gunk! They’re gluten-free, vegan AND paleo.

You can also take two Lacrosse balls and tape them together to create a spine roller. Stand up or lay down and put the taped set on your spine.

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