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Latino – Hispanic prison gangs, i.e., Surenos, Sur 13, Nortenos, Mexican Mafia, La Eme, Texas Chicano manhood, Nuestra Familia, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), Texas

Gang Identity: There are some common signs that can help identify gangs and gang members: Colors: Many gangs use one or more colors to represent their gang.

Information about white prison gangs, i.e., Aryan manhood, Nazi Low Riders NLR, PENI, Pagans MC, Peckerwoods, Insane Gangster Disciples 974, Simon City Royals

An overview of gang tattoos and symbols + examples of gangsta style designs. Learn more about the secrect language of prison tattoos

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Latin may be a dead language but using Latin quotes for tattoos is alive and well. We’ve gathered twenty different examples of people using Latin phrases for tattoos

8 latin kings Originally from Chicago, the Latin Kings are extremely violent and a well organized gang. The gang is active in New York, New Jersey

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